Changes to reading in Reception

We have made a big change to help improve and enhance reading in Reception, as we are aware that it is an area that needs improving, as we want help build children’s enjoyment and confidence.

3 Day Books Children will now take home a reading book, aimed at their reading ability, and they will keep this for 3 days. On the 1st day children will read this book like normal, on the 2nd day they will take home a word reading card and will complete the task with you, and on the 3rd day they will take home a comprehension card and again complete the task with you. There are 10 different cards so it is likely that your child will bring home a card you have already completed, but it will be used with a different book so are easily reusable.

Recording in Reading Record It is important that you record whether your child has read at home. This also applies on the days that your child is completing the word reading and comprehension, just make a simple note on how they got on.

Picture Books Your child will still take home a picture book for you to enjoy with them at home. This is for YOU to read to your child.

Reading Meeting for Parents I will be holding a short meeting for you all after school on Tuesday 22nd November at 3pm so that I can explain the new reading scheme and answer any questions you may have.

Completing these tasks will help your child build their understanding of reading. If you have ANY questions, please come and speak to me before or after school or make an appointment to see me and I will happily help.

Miss Mather

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